Business Field

Paper Converting

- Using environment-friendly materials from order to assembly; paper slitting, dying and cutting paper rolls, coating, specialty product manufacturing,
and state-of-the-art CI FLEXO printing press.
- HB PAPER produces a variety of eco-friendly paper packaging materials directly in-house, from paper food containers with water and oil resistant coating to
BRAUN Mailer responsible for safe delivery of products.


  • General Goods & Sundries, Clothing, Cosmetics, etc. The uses are endless with
    our wide range of paper bags and shopping bags that are directly manufactured in-house at HB PAPER.
  • Using state-of-the-art equipment along with natural coating and printing substances
    manufactured in-house at HB PAPER, our products are trustable and dependable.
  • With a wide range of customizable sizes and options, we are sure that we can meet the
    unique needs of our customers demands.

Food Packaging

  • We use natural paper packaging methods instead of conventional methods of
    plastic packaging to keep people and the environment safe.
  • Suitable for a variety of uses, from QSR (Quick Service Restaurants),
    bakeries, meal kits to delivery food packaging.
  • Non-toxic and natural water resistant coating developed by HB PAPER is
    safe and easy to recycle.
  • Excellent water and oil resistant capabilities allow for safe food packaging.
  • Using PFAS-Free materials, our products are non-toxic and safe.


  • In the growing E-Commerce industry, it is important to think about our
    environment; we produce papers for packaging in that are non-toxic and
    sustainable in comparison to conventional methods of plastic packaging methods.
  • Using durable and superior quality paper packaging voids and fillers,
    fragile items that can be easily broken will be delivered safely to the
    final destination.
  • Eco-friendly paper packaging that uses paper cushioning materials and paper
    tapes can even enhance the brand image.

Specialty Paper

- HB PAPER uses non-toxic and natural water resistant coating specially developed in-house.
- With excellent water and oil resistant capabilities, our products can withstand a variety of liquids and foods.
- HB PAPER's specialty products use papers that are recyclable and repulpable.
- Papers are coated with non-toxic materials and premium paper that passes and meets FDA standards for food packaging.